Thursday, July 19, 2007


I should Nota Bene that the Financial Analysis conducted in the prior post elides the more-in-depth parsing of the statistics as regards to how I've done with California vs non-California sales. Because if the latter was significantly higher, that would explain the drop in California sales tax revenues that I would need to forward to the California polis (since I don't have to pay sales tax for out of state sales). But I didn't go that in depth because there is only so much of my time -- which at economics-type rates I used to bill out at thousands of dollars per hour (ah Poet: how far you've dropped!) -- that I can spare to analyzing the details of an $82 bill.

Now, moving on to equally moronic (from an economic standpoint) but most definitely MORE CHEERFUL matters, the auction proceeds ever onward and upward for Ivy's Poison. The current bid is currently at


Whoooo-hooooo! That's four life-saving nets, Peeps. THANKS for the interest.

Now, if we consider the fact that Ivy's Poisonous Hay(na)ku Tinyside originally was sold by publisher Big Game Books at $1.00, this 4,000% return so far rivals the ridiculousness of nothing less than the art market.

When you consider that the auction has lasted all of three days, that would be an annualized return of 486,667%!

Even if you took out the $14.95 retail value of The First Hay(na)ku Anthology tossed into the mix, that still would be a 151% return!


And the auction still has nine days left to run. GEEEEEEEZ-ZZZZZZ-ZEUSSSSS! How much more can Moi heart weather such a financial run up?

C'mon Peeps -- dare to give Moi a heart attack. The bid is at $40.00. Bids can be upped for as leeetle as a quarter. Have at it, Peeps:


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