Thursday, July 26, 2007


Well, it's official. With the receipt of Leny's generous gift of five Tiny Books by Tom Beckett given to the lucky five who wrote her, I can now officially proclaim that we've raised enough for a water buffalo plus a share in a pig!


But please don't stop ordering Tiny Books! Surely we can do more than a mere "share" in a pig? How about an entire pig?! For, did you know, Moi Dear Peeps, that pigs are great for helping:

"hungry, undernourished families put protein back in their diets at little cost, Heifer teaches farmers how to raise healthy pigs in countries where waste products are the only available feed. In Honduras, pigs eat rejected bananas, and in the Dominican Republic, they thrive on damaged yams. Using resources once considered worthless, impoverished families worldwide supply themselves with the protein and income they need to improve their lives. No wonder families smile over their Heifer pigs."

I will be announcing the next Tiny Book author in mid August, but the books by inaugural author Dan Waber and Tiny Book #2 author Tom Beckett continue to be available! CLICK HERE for details!

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