Monday, July 16, 2007


Manual labor is, to understate the matter, different. I've been surprised (I anticipated the effect but am still surprised) by the unexpected ardousness to making these Tiny Books which require me to handwrite the poems into the premade books.

I have some shoulder pains from just having fulfilled an order for three Tiny Books.

Of course, the positive thing is that hand-making means each book is different from each other. And this morning, the gesture-laden aspects of the process delivered a Gift!

Unexpectedly -- which is how I prefer most of my poems to arise -- I ended up creating a Tiny Book of my own, but of visual work rather than a literary one:

               ALPHABET: Hay(na)ku Drawings

Twenty-six drawings, each titled after a letter in the alphabet.

I'm not yet offering ALPHABET to the public. I want to meditate on the work for a while ...

But thank you, Angels. You never fail to return what I give.


Speaking of hay(na)ku, the latest Auction Bid for Ivy's Poison is now at $25.00! Woot! POETRY does SAVE LIVES!

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