Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Juan de Salcedo was known as the last of the Conquistadors. I'll be off trampling on his footsteps (oh, ye dust I will kick up!) -- and thus be offline -- from Aug. 1-15, 2007. This means, among other things:

The deadline for submitting reviews to the next issue of Galatea Resurrects (GR) is now Aug. 17, 2007. I will continue to take reviews earlier, of course, but to avoid having a major back-up in my email account, I'd appreciate it if you either send me your reviews before Aug. 1 or after Aug. 15, 2007.

I've also just set a review submission deadline for GR's EIGHTH issue to be November 5, 2007.

Email me at GalateaTen@aol.com if you're interested in doing a review! But please try to avoid emailing me from Aug. 1-15 (whether on GR or any other matter).