Thursday, July 19, 2007


The more books I sell, the more tax monies I send on over to ease Governor Schwarzenneger's and Mayor Plumpjack's pain. So I worked hard and tried my best to help generate revenues for the state through sales taxes on books I sold. But Fiscal Year 2007 was a bad year, to wit, I was only able to generate sales tax revenues for the polis to the tune of:

2007: $82.00

a sad drop to see from the prior year when I cheerfully doled out:

2006: $254.00

On the other hand, Dear California, I still did better than Fiscal 2005 when I sent you a check for $2.00.

So it could have been worse. The matter at hand, after all, is selling Poetry.

I shall try to do better in the coming year ahead.

Le sigh...

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