Monday, July 23, 2007


Wow and Whee! I got bit!

Which is to say, I'm honored to have my poem "Corolla" featured as "Poem of the Week" over at SharkForum! The poem is from my first U.S.-published book, Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole. Thanks to La Dr. Simone Muench who curated my appearance at this site which gets about 25,000 unique visits per month.

Simone, btw, is the author of one of the books in my poetry library which is in that rare category of having been bought after perusal at a bookstore. I don't buy that many poetry collections on bookstore shelves (most bookstores' poetry buyers just don't satisfy my own taste) -- and I'd never heard of Simone when I perused her Lampblack & Ash. Not only did I end up reading it once through at the bookstore, but I bought it! So I'm really honored that a poet I admire liked one of my own poems!

All I can say is a cheerful "Bite Me!"