Wednesday, July 18, 2007


The auction proceedeths. Current top bid for Ivy's Poison is at


Wooo! Enough for three-and-a-half life-saving nets!

Bidding closes on July 27.

Scroll down HERE, btw, to see the fabulous cover to Ivy's sold-out Tinyside #33 -- sold out except for this gem now being auctioned! Or, you can check it viz Ivy's own lovely Blog.


When I rely on a poem or poems to "do good," btw, it's also a way of my noting the inadequacy of language (for certain things anyway -- I mean, "Hello" can still work as a greeting, di ba?). I find this more salubrious than writing yet another poem about, or reflecting on, the inadequacy of language. Uh, why yes indeedy! This fundraising project turns out after all to be, too, about aesthetics. Surely you never doubted Moi...?!

Sip. Glass of 1994 Ravenswood Zinfandel Beaterra Vineyard Special Release in Celebration of Sonoma's 150th Anniversary

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